A structured planning method used by organizations to assess four key elements: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
Open Space Technology is a broad and deliberately vague method of collaborative discussion or problem solving. Organized around a specific problem or theme, OST events begin with no set agenda and instead unfold organically.
Problems and Purpose Modern governments are constantly trying to improve their own governance practices as well as citizen's views of these practices. To do this, one initiative which has been implemented by many governments has been Participatory Budgeting (PB). In Madagascar, the idea was introduced by the World Bank in...

Method: Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is an alternative finance model whereby funds are sourced from a large number of individuals (a ‘crowd’). Crowdfunding has gained new popularity with online cites such as Kickstarter and GoFundMe which connect project creators directly to potential backers.
With the launch of the Open Data Initiative (ODI), Alameda County (CA) became one of the first county-level jurisdictions in the United States to launch an open data program in 2012. County officials developed a system was developed for making a range of data sets generated and used by government...

Case: E-Qual

E-Qual is a tool that enables Arizona citizens to submit electronic signatures for qualifying petitions and public financing eligibility.
The Tuscany Regional Participation Policy - TRPP is an innovative and important tool for the institutionalisation of participation and deliberation permanently within the state (through the Tuscan regional laws No 69/2007 and No 46/2013). The TRPP is a pioneer initiative in the Italian and European context and it can be...
An interactive and reflective process incorporating both quantitative and qualitative methods to provide a robust method of studying individuals' subjectivity. A Q study involves participants sorting a set of statements or pictures to make a map of their own opinion. Factor analysis enables the clustering of shared viewpoints, discourses or...
A collaborative-design project engineering a free-to-use, open source webapp to facilitate discussion processes. The project intends to expand the functionalities of the popular, open-source Pol.is application by building instruments of collective action and group-management.
El proyecto aspira a enriquecer el debate de la ciudadanía sobre la adopción o no de determinadas propuestas existentes en plataformas de participación ciudadana, como Decide.Madrid.es. El objetivo sería el desarrollo de herramientas tecnológicas que permitan dar cabida a las opiniones de todos los participantes, estructurando cada debate sobre una...
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