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Street Law's ‘Democracy for All’ civic education programme teaches high school students and adults their political rights and empowers them to become active, informed citizens. The programme is a direct response to concerns over ethics, institutional capacity, and poor governance in South Africa.
The European Local Democracy Week (ELDW) is an annual process of events held in Europe to foster local and national participation. The 2010 ELDW saw over 4000 towns, cities and villages in Europe participate by offering a number of events and activities open to citizens.
The SDGs Kenya Forum for Sustainable Development is a participatory platform for civil society organizations (CSOs) within Kenya to collectively contribute to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Established in 2015, the SDGs Kenya Forum for Sustainable Development is currently comprised of thirty committee member organizations, each...
Launched in March 2010, Pera Natin ‘to (It’s our money!) was an online initiative run by the Philippines Public Transparency Reporting Project (PPTRP) that aimed to educate Philippine citizens about local government practices and fostered efforts in citizen journalism.
Problems and Purpose In 2015, the State Government of Vorarlberg was faced with growing controversy and public questioning around the the pressing, sociopolitical issue of refugee asylum. The Government, recognizing it's position "in solidarity with Europe, [a]s a shareholder in the growing global society," agreed to accept its due quota...

Method: Town Hall

Definition A Town Hall is a meeting where members of a community come to discuss relevant issues and concerns, with a public official, government representative or decision-maker of some sort [1] . Participants are able to ask questions of officials, and officials have the opportunity to learn about the community’s...
Omaar, a grassroots youth group created in Zakazik, Egypt as a result of the Social Contract Centre’s civic education programs, engaged over 500 children, youth, and community members in leadership, soft skills training and collective actions to reduce poverty in the community.
Persons with Cerebral Palsy, long marginalized from communities and the disability movement in Uganda, led awareness campaigns, advocacy, and stakeholder engagement to collectively mobilize for inclusion and representation.
The Deep Listening Circles process is designed to allow socially-vulnerable individuals to share their stories in a safe, inclusive environment.
Il Dibattito Pubblico (DP) previsto dalle lagge 46/2013 della Regione Toscana riguarda l'uso dei gessi rossi, residui di produzione dell'industria chimica Huntsman di Scarlino (GR) unica produttrice in Italia di biossido di titanio. Si vogliono utilizzare i gessi per il ripristino di cave presenti nel vicino territorio del Comune di...
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