Open to all with targeted recruitment

The Tennessee Department of Transport utilise technologically innovative democratic innovations to enable broad public involvement in policy-making regarding statewide expenditure on transport.
Participatory Budgeting in Merced County, California. History In June of 2017, it was decided that Merced County, California, would have $200,000 directed towards community projects chosen by the inhabitants of Merced County, as a form of participatory budgeting. The main actors in this process coming about were District supervisors Rodrigo...
Plaine Commune (an agglomeration of communes in northern Paris) conducted an health impact assessment (HIA) for planned expansions of public transport in the area. In the HIA process they included the opinion and advice of local citizens so as to be informed on how best to cater to their various...
History Independent Advisory Groups (IAGs) have been developed nationally in the United Kingdom to better understand the role the police have upon diverse communities. The IAG project was pushed following the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry Report of 1999, published as ‘The Macpherson report’. Stephen Lawrence was the victim of a racially...
Model Westminster as an organisation is a youth engagement and empowerment programme for British A Level and Undergraduate students with interest in politics. It is set up as a non-partisan, volunteer-run educational enterprise to represent a voice for young British people in various political debates and issues. On the 4th...
The Southampton Youth Forum provides a platform for young people (aged 13-25) to influence the city’s legislative agenda through campaigns that seek to shape both the direction of policy and its implementation to ensure that it works as efficiently as possible for youth.

Method: Mapping

Mapping involves the visual representation of the connection between location and personal details such as individual or community values, assets, history, and goals.
Self-governance is the exercise of power or control over oneself without external interference.
A Citizens' Summit is a large, deliberative event on broad topic. Summits are typically organized to inform citizens on an issue and to gather feedback or proposals.
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