Open to all with targeted recruitment

Part of Europe's Local Democracy Week, the 1st annual Teenagers' Municipal Council brought students from five local high schools to debate multiculturalism and its impact on the city. Debate followed the format of a Municipal Council meeting using Robert's Rules of Order.
Chicago's 'Array of Things' is a collaborative effort among leading scientists, universities, local government, and communities to collect real-time data on the city’s environment, infrastructure, and activity for research and public use.
IWRM is a form of ecosystem-based management which fosters participation and encourages respect for the diverse values and aspirations of communities.
Community committees are representative bodies established as intermediaries between an area’s residents and a higher level of government.
Participatory rural appraisal is a citizen-centred method of development. The process empowers locals by including them directly in the issue identification and evaluation process and, in many cases, in the final implementation and post-construction monitoring.
The Longbiao Group’s deliberative conversations were part of a broader series of democratic conversations in Zeguo township. The group's conversations provided an opportunity for education and training, a first step in developing an improved relationship between management and workers.

Method: Maptionnaire

Definition Maptionnaire is a software-as-a-service that integrates survey questions with an interactive map. It enables efficient collecting, analyzing and visualization of map-based data. It is easy to make a Maptionnaire survey - and even easier to respond. With Maptionnaire’s browser tool, analysis and visualizations are easy to perform and share...
Public consultations were held during the planning of a large national park so that final decisions were informed by local knowledge and were in keeping with citizen demand. The process was helpful to policy makers as it returned a diversity of opinions and suggestions.
In Italian public administration, 'laboratorio' is a general term used to refer to a formal space or planned instance of multi-actor engagement and participation.
Nei mesi di Aprile e Giugno 2016 si è svolto il Dibattito Pubblico sul progetto di sviluppo e riqualificazione del porto di Livorno. Un dibattito pubblico è un percorso d’informazione, discussione e confronto che si sviluppa riguardo a opere, progetti o interventi che assumono una particolare rilevanza per la comunità...
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