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Their mission is to ‘engage the people of Austin in meaningful civic dialogue focused on public issues, hosted by community volunteers across the entire city’ (Conversation Corps, 2017b).
The World-Wide Views’ Global Consultation on the subject of biodiversity took place in 2012 for the Conference of Parties (COP) in India on global biodiversity, it involved over 3000 participants over 34 citizen consultations in 25 countries on the same day. The project was ran by the World-Wide Views Alliance,...
Problems and Purpose The purpose of this case study is to investigate the use of referenda when making significant policy changes in the UK. Referenda are fairly novel in the UK, and thus this democratic innovation will be the focus of this case study, with particular reference to the analysis...
Austin, Texas has experienced rapid population growth and diversification prompting city councillors to explore different ways to engage a large, demographically varied public in the decision-making process. The council, led by community engagement consultant Larry Schooler, funded the creation of open meetings and the purchase of "poll anywhere" technology required...
A Participatory Budgeting process within a Canadian non-profit organization brought together current and former federal prisoners as well as community members to collectively decide how to spend approximately 5% of the organization's overall budget. This initiative served as an opportunity to further the organization's goals of reducing the alienation of...
The Digital Democracy project was started by students at the California Polytechnic University (Cal Poly) as part of a non-partisan initiative to increase governmental transparency and to support policymakers and the media in documenting governmental decisions on the ratification of legislative bills. To this end, the project has created a...

Method: Mapping

Mapping involves the visual representation of the connection between location and personal details such as individual or community values, assets, history, and goals.
The Localism Act was passed by the UK Parliament in 2011, devolving power over planning and development to community and local governments. The Civil Parish of Wing embraced the Localism Act's provisions, embarking on a series of public consultations to plan their neighbourhood's future development.
On May 18, 2016 the Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of International Development and La Francophonie announced a public review and consultations to renew Canada’s international assistance policy and funding framework.
In August 2016, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change established an Expert Panel to review federal environmental assessment processes. The Expert Panel travelled across Canada to gain a better understanding of the issues that are important to Canadians.
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