Airesis Social Network for E-Democracy



Aireses is an online platform that promotes e-democracy by offering numerous organizational and methodological tools for communicating, collaborating, and participating in direct democracy. 

Problems and Purpose



Aireses is a fusion of two e-democracy projects: Agora 2.0 and DemocracyOnline. The Agora 2.0 project began as a small group in 2009 and soon expanded to over 200 volunteers. In 2012, Agora 2.0 and DemocracyOnline were combined and was relaunched as Airesis. A year later, its founders established the Democratic Technologies Association ("Tecnologie Democratiche") to secure funding and support for the platform's continued development.  

Participant Recruitment and Selection


Deliberation, Decisions, and Public Interaction


Influence, Outcomes, and Effects


Analysis and Criticism


Secondary Sources


External Links




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