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Choicebook is an online survey tool used primarily by national governments to source public opinion on various policy issues. Each public consultation publicizes a dedicated Choicebook website. Participants are provided with background material on the policy issue and guided through a series of questions with fixed, multiple-choice response options. The name Choicebook reflects the need for participants to choose between different approaches to the policy issue, taking into account their implications and tradeoffs. 

Problems and Purpose

Public consultation at the national level is difficult without the use of information and communications technology. Online tools such as Choicebook allow governments to measure the views and opinions of citizens across the country. The survey provides policy makers with rich qualitative data with which to inform policy decisions. 



Participant Recruitment and Selection

In general, the Choicebook is made available to all citizens and participants are self-selected. In some cases, organizers will also invite a representative sample of individuals to participate.[1] 

Deliberation, Decisions, and Public Interaction


Influence, Outcomes, and Effects


Analysis and Lessons Learned


Secondary Sources


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