Citizen Participation Program



Requested by the city before the Katrina hurricane, the CPP is a participation program model created on the initiative of the Committee for a Better New Orleans, a non-profit organization, by citizens. It empowers communities, whose access to the process is extended thanks to specifics procedures and structures to include all members. It is designed so that any project impacting the neighbourhood has to be notified to the CPP, and so that any issue related to the quality of life can be raised. A lot of citizens still don’t know about the CPP however, even though the Committee for a Better New Orleans does outreach activities. The CPP operation is currently not funded even though part of the model has been taken by the city such as an early notification system of neighbourhoods. A Neighbourhood Engagement Plan has been set up by the city in order to get quality input from communities on projects.

Problems and Purpose




Participant Selection


Deliberation, Decisions, and Public Interaction


Influence, Outcomes, and Effects


Analysis and Lessons Learned


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