Citizens' Relations Management Platforms

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A relatively new entry into the field of democratic innovation, Citizens' Relations Management Platforms are online hubs connecting people to other channels of citizen-government communication and public services.

Problems and Purpose

CRMPs are employed in an attempt to centralize citizen access to and use of the numerous channels of engagement offered by different government sectors and public service organizations. CRMPs are similar to the kind of relation management services used by corporations in an attempt to market and/or respond to their customers. 



Participant Selection


Deliberation, Decisions, and Public Interaction


Influence, Outcomes, and Effects


Analysis and Lessons Learned

According to Spada et al., possibly due to their relative newness in the field of participatory governance, "CRMPs have attracted little attention from the literature on democratic innovations." While "the literature on marketing offers a framework for analyzing customer relations management that can be used to analyze these complex innovations (Buttle, & Maklan 2008)," the authors caution against its use without adaptation which could lead to "a commodification of citizens and an extreme simplification of democratic innovations (Dutil, Howard, Langford 2008)." Consequently, no analyses of CRMP adoption in the context of democratic innovation exist; however, the increasing use of online platforms and 'e-governance' initiatives makes a thorough study on their efficacy more likely and, indeed, necessary.


Secondary Sources

Spada, Paolo, et al. "Integrating Multiple Channels of Engagement: from Multichannel Marketing to Democratic Innovations."

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