As the People Want It, Blueprint for a new confederation


Blueprint for a new confederation

This site is based on "As the People Want It, Blueprint for a new confederation" published by Fremskrittspartiets Utredningsinstitutt, an independent research institute dedicated to political and economic research and analysis in Oslo, Norway in 1992. (ISBN 82-7500-007-6).

The intention of this site is to present a model constitution based on the established concepts of popular sovereignty and knowledge gained from the newer field of Public Choice economics. It is not a Public Choice economics paper as such, but it does try to put to practical use some of the insights provided by this academic discipline.

New readers may wonder why I call for a New Confederation as opposed to a traditional confederation or a federation; or they may wonder: What is a confederation? Look here for the answers and the differences between the powers to "propose and persuade" and the powers to "coerce and compel".


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