#PpediaTeam Livestream Schedule

On June 6th - 9th, 2016 researchers and practitioners from around the world will gather at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver for the first large-scale meeting of the Participedia project. Project partners who have been working together for over a year via email and Skype will come together to share knowledge and resources as they refine plans for the next four years of a SSHRC Partnership Grant

Partner presentations on Tuesday, June 7th, will be available via livestream at [THIS LINK]. 

Every Partner institution represented at the meeting will introduce themselves and describe the connections between their research interests and the goals of Participedia. Opening remarks by Mark Warren and Archon Fung, project co-founders will kick off the meeting at 9am.

Please share questions and feedback via social media using the conference hashtag: #PpediaTeam.

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Presentation Schedule for Tuesday, June 7th: 9:00
  • Welcome – Max Cameron, Director of the Centre for the Study of Democratic Institutions
  • Why we’re here – Mark Warren, Archon Fung
  • Introductions and Agenda Review--  Patrick Scully
9:45 Partner Teams Introduce Themselves and Their Research Interests First 3 presentations
  1. Emily Carr University of Art + Design: Amber Frid-Jimenez, Katherine Gillieson, David Ascher (Mozilla Foundation), Jesi Carson and Kushal Goenka
  2. University of Toronto Scarborough / Centre for Critical Development Studies: Bettina von Lieres and Ethan Way
  3. University of the Western Cape / Department of Political Science: Laurence Piper, Zikhona Sikota and Meshay Moses
10:30 BREAK 11:00 Next 5 Partner Team Presentations
  1. Kulturwissenschaftliches Institute Essen: Jan-Hendrik Kamlage
  2. McMaster University / Centre for Peace Studies: Nancy Doubleday, Matt Leighninger, Sarah Newells
  3. Nanyang Technical University: Baogang He and Xuan Qin
  4. Colorado State University: Katie Knobloch
  5. St Francis Xavier University / Coady International Institute: Julien Landry
12:00 Lunch 12:45 What Can We Learn from the Data We’re Collecting? Presenters: Edana Beauvais, Sule Yaylaci, Robert Richards, Matt Ryan, Graham Smith
  • Analysis of the “fixed forms” for case data
  • A sample analysis
  • Update on Participedia’s surveys
1:45 Next 4 Partner Team Presentations
  1. University of Toronto / Munk School of Global Affairs: Peter Loewen
  2. University of Westminster / Centre for the Study of Democracy: Graham Smith, Hans Asenbaum
  3. University of British Columbia / InterPARES Trust: Darra Hoffman and Mia Steinburg 
  4. University of Canberra / Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis: Lucy Parry
2:30 BREAK 3:00 Next 5 Partner Team Presentations
  1. Simon Fraser University / Centre for Sustainable Community Development: Joanna Ashworth and Tyler Carlson 
  2. University of Alberta / Centre for Public Involvement: Marco Adria and Justin Leifso 
  3. University of Coimbra/Center for Social Studies / Regione Toscana:  Giovanni Allegretti, Michelangelo Secchi and Irene Lorieri
  4. Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais / Department of Political Science: Mariana Alves 
  5. Université de Montréal / Centre d’études et de recherches internationals: Françoise Montambeault
4:00 BREAK 4:15 Last Few Partner Team Presentations
  1. University of Southampton: Paolo Spada
  2. University of California – Irvine: James Michael Nguyen
  3. McGill University / Centre for the Study of Democratic Citizenship: Isadora Borges Monroy
  4. University of Toronto / Department of Political Science: Daniel Hutton Ferris
  5. University of British Columbia / Centre for the Study of Democratic Institutions: Scott Fletcher