Collective Intelligence for Democracy

Participedia’s Design & Technology (D&T) Committee recently applied for the Collective Intelligence for Democracy workshop, hosted by Medialab Prado in Madrid. Their proposal, “Mapping Democratic Innovation” -- an idea jam based on foundational data and technology of Participedia -- was selected as one of eight featured projects for the event! Participedia’s Design & Communities Coordinator, Jesi Carson, will be representing the D&T Committee in Madrid, and our Technical Lead, David Ascher will also be applying as a project collaborator. Applications are open for collaborators until October 15th. 

Collective intelligence in pursuit of a just, inclusive and truly democratic world is the underlying driver and central focus of the Participedia research network. Creating space for collaboration is essential to the success of a paradigm shift that celebrates the skills, knowledge and intuition of everyday citizens, and Medialab Prado’s Collective Intelligence for Democracy workshop will create an environment where these critical elements of positive change may be fostered.

The Mapping Democratic Innovation project is an experimental space for Participedia. It is our hope that the incredible diversity of creative, strategic and technical skills brought to the table by Collective Intelligence for Democracy collaborators will allow for blue-sky thinking, rapid prototyping and experimental action. Participedia will offer a baseline of data and open-source technology, but the real magic will happen through the experimental collaboration of the workshop participants. Whether that is through mining, layering and visualization of available data to gain deeper insight, envisioning and testing strategies for practitioner and participant empowerment, or taking ideas to the streets and allowing citizens’ voices to be heard, we will find out this November in Madrid.