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Mission and Purpose

Medialab’s Goals are:

  • To enable an open platform that invites and allows users to configure, alter and modify research and production processes.
  • To sustain an active community of users with the development of these collaborative projects.
  • To offer multiple forms of participation that allow people with different profiles (artistic, scientific, technique), levels of specialization (experts and beginners) and degrees of implication, to collaborate.


Medialab-Prado is a Program part of the Department of Culture and Sports (former Department of Arts, Sports and Tourism) of the Madrid City Council. It has its origin in the 2000 at the Conde Duque Cultural Center. In 2002 takes the name of MedialabMadrid and in 2007 moves to its current location at the Plaza de las Letras in the basement of the old Belgian Sawmill. From then on it has been named as Medialab-Prado, referring its new location near el Paseo del Prado. After its renovation, in April 2013 the Old Belgian Sawmill opens to the public and becomes the headquarters of Medialab-Prado.

Specializations and activities

In order to achieve those goals Medialab-Prado offers:

  • A permanent space for information, consulting and encounters, attended by cultural mediators, who explain the nature of the space and connect different people and projects with each other.
  • Open Calls for the presentation of proposals and the participation in the development of collaborative projects.
  • Activities Program that comprises workshops, seminars and debates, as well as the meetings of different work groups, exhibitions, conferences and other events such as concerts and performances.
  • A work atmosphere dedicated to the encountercooperation and exchange, where there is room for life and affects; and informality and closeness are appreciated.

Major projects and events

There are several on-going programmes, which are as follows:

  • Interactivos?: creative uses of electronics and programming
  • research and reflections on the network culture
  • Visualizar: data visualization tools and strategies 
  • Commons Lab: trans-disciplinary discussion on the Commons
  • AVLAB: audio-visual and sound creation





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