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Sep 19 '14

Patience is a jurist with nine years’ experience in gender justice, policy reforms, program management, and performance monitoring and evaluation. Her experience in facilitating participatory governance processes in Cameroon and post-Ebola Sierra Leone has strengthened her use of citizen-centred deliberative processes. Currently, she is building a research on transparency, accountability and integration of youth and women in the management of public investment projects in Cameroon. Her hope is to develop innovative, context-focused and citizen-centered qualitative assessment tools and quantitative performance indicators that will aid the development of sustainable legal, fiscal and regulatory mechanisms for public investment project management. Patience believes it is essential for government, donor agencies and all development actors to invest in citizen-led research-work, and to integrate ICT into legal and fiscal reform programming, including effective coordination of communication and feedback mechanisms that allow citizens to track, questions and contribute in public action. This, should promote positive behavioural changes in individual/collective actors in private and public spaces as well as facilitate Cameroon’s integration into the global economy. However, studying integrative leadership at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs during the Mandela Washington Fellowship in 2015, reinforced her zeal to address public challenges across and beyond geographical, political, socio-cultural and economic boundaries. 

Patience is a three time graduate of the Coady International Institute with a Diploma in Development Leadership. She has recieved multiple national and international awards as well as various roles as a youth and woman leaders.