Elena Dalibot

Project Coordinator at European Alternatives
Member Since: 
Feb 26 '13

Elena works for European Alternatives as coordinator for the “Citizens Manifesto” in France, Germany and the UK, and is based in Paris. Prior to joining EA, she completed a Master's degree in European Affairs at the Institute of Political Sciences in Paris. She has previously worked for other civil society organisations, including the Balkan Youth Festival in Bulgaria and Transparency International Secretariat in Germany.

Originally from Europe's “Far West”, Brittany, she has lived in London, Paris, Sofia, Cluj-Napoca and Berlin. She joined European Alternatives when the Transeuropa Network was created in 2O10 and has been one of the two Members’ Representatives sitting on European Alternatives’ Transnational Board from July to October 2011 and from October 2012 to February 2013. As a member of several local groups and as an intern in Paris and Cluj-Napoca in 2011, she took part in the organisation of the 2011 and 2012 Transeuropa Festivals and of the “People Power Participation” project.

Her interest fields include politics, arts (photography, music, literature, cinema), languages and travels.