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  • Graduate Student, Blavatnik School of Government
  • Personal Assistant (PA)
    A young destined person who is ready change the world in the little way he can, who believes in a rule of law,and who cares about a just and fare society to everyone without considering colour,race,religion or class.I'm also passionate about youth empowerment. This is because part of the terrorism crisis in my country,Kenya which has devastated my community, including an attack inside a university, has been because so many young people feel left out in the country's wealth production and sharing processes. I'm engaged in developing entrepreneurial initiatives which enlighten youths on creating and managing investments.
  • Contract Specialist (Retired)

    1. Born in Kerala state, India: 1944

    2. School until 1959: Kerala state, India

    3. College with graduation and post-graduation until 1967: Kerala, India

    4. Jobs, job-hunting etc: until 1973 - Kerala, Mumbai etc, India

    5. Migration to Germany: 1974

    6. Further studies, job-hunting etc: German language, Industrial Design, until 1977

    7. Various jobs: 1977 to 1981

    8. Professional Career: 1981 - 2007 Contract Specialist

    9. Retired: In 2007

    10. Research on a better governance system for Kerala, India: 2001 until now

    Contract Specialist (Retired)