Australian democratic innovations typically rely on premises that are fundamentally opposed by populism: random selection and expert knowledge. This populist challenge cannot be ignored, and theorists and practitioners must meet it together.
In 2014 Marrickville council convened a citizens' jury of 30 local residents and business owners to deliberate on how best to approach the trade-off between the need for investment in infrastructure, and the desire to keep rates low. The process was run by independent research organisation newDemocracy Foundation, who took...
In 2014 the City of Darebin Council established a participatory budgeting process to engage with the local community over how to spend their $2 million infrastructure fund. Darebin, in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, convened a Citizens' Jury of 44 Darebin residents to develop recommendations on how best to use the fund.
newDemocracy Foundation (nDF) is a non-profit, non-partisan research and political action organisation based in Sydney, Australia. Founded in 2004 by Luca Belgiorno-Nettis, nDF aims to identify improvements to the democratic process. It conducts practical real world trials to show communities that democracy is an area where we can innovate. Random...
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