community development

Since the early 2000s, Uganda has placed an emphasis on bottom-up development by NGO’s and microfinance. The ‘people-centred’ approach to poverty alleviation and community development allows active participation and self-determination absent in the traditional market and state top-down models that discouraged popular participation and alienated citizens.
Participatory rural appraisal is a citizen-centred method of development. The process empowers locals by including them directly in the issue identification and evaluation process and, in many cases, in the final implementation and post-construction monitoring.
Community development associations are voluntary, non-governmental groups who ‘develop’ or ‘improve’ a local area and its population by providing basic services such as health care, education and other forms of social development
Il fine del progetto partecipato 2015 di Calice e Rialto (Savona) è quello di “definire azioni e progetti utili alla gestione e valorizzazione del territorio sulla base di un piano di sviluppo sostenibile condiviso” (EMA, 2015, p. 13). Il progetto ha preso avvio il 17 giugno 2015 con la prima...
This case documents the work of the Community Committee of El-kfoor village, which improved government transparency and accountability by acting as a key communication channel between the El-kfoor Community Development Association (CDA) and community members. The CDA and community members collaboratively solved pressing environmental sanitation and waste management issues.
A forum-style meeting hosted by two community organizations to discuss the rise of honour-killings of women and girls in Pakistan.
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