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Partecip@ttivi , è un progetto di partecipazione attiva che mira a favorire il coinvolgimento di cittadini e attori territoriali ai processi di policy making sui 5 temi della pianificazione strategica dell’Amministrazione di Palermo, attraverso un percorso strutturato e articolato di 25 iniziative-eventi sviluppate attraverso 9 metodologie.
A kitchen table discussion or conversation is small group of people, meeting in their own community. It is generally informal with the hope that because people feel more relaxed and comfortable they may be more willing to engage in discussion and dialogue. Participants discuss and share issues related to a...
Simply Speaking Seanachai is a consultancy in South Australia specialising in facilitation and community engagement. 'Seanachai' is a Gaelic word meaning 'storyteller'. In Irish mythology, the storyteller helped bring communities together.

Organization: Straight Talk

Straight Talk is a communication and engagement consultancy based in New Souths Wales, Australia.
The South East Drainage Network Management Board, a government agency of South Australia, convened a community panel of 26 SE residents to deliberate on the complex and contentious issue of how to fund the ongoing management of the South East Drainage Network, a combinations of drains and floodways that underpin...
In 2015, Noosa council, in Queensland, Australia, convened two community juries to deliberate on local issues. The juries were part of the council's commitment to involve the local community in decision-making. Noosa recruited newDemocracy Foundation to help run the community juries as a trial approach. The first jury of 24...
newDemocracy Foundation (nDF) is a non-profit, non-partisan research and political action organisation based in Sydney, Australia. Founded in 2004 by Luca Belgiorno-Nettis, nDF aims to identify improvements to the democratic process. It conducts practical real world trials to show communities that democracy is an area where we can innovate. Random...
Also known as community-based learning, community service-learning is a teaching pedagogy which integrates student learning and community engagement in a mutually beneficial manner.
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