A public consultation on the acceptable policy responses on mammography screening initiated by a McMaster University research team.
This case documents how Ghanaian women were able to build consensus and draft the Women's Manifesto for Ghana through deliberative assembly meetings. The Manifesto offers analysis, prescriptive demands and establishes a Women’s Manifesto Coalition, to ensure that the human rights of women are upheld.

Organization: Bang the Table

Bang the Table is an Australian based organisation specialising in online engagement. They primarily provide two types of software designed for stakeholder and citizen engagement: EngagementHQ for community engagement, and Budget Allocator, a participatory budgeting software.
Problem Local and international communities heavily criticized the results of the 2002 general election of Pakistan and organizations as not only rigged, but also, unduly influenced by the military’s stronghold on public infrastructure and government. The Electoral Commission of Pakistan, as well as other watchdog not-for-profit and international organizations, usually...

Organization: 21st Century Dialogue

21st Century Dialogue is an organisation based in Western Australia, specialising in community engagement. It is founded on principle of deliberative and participatory democracy and has developed its own methodology building on 21st century town meetings, community surveys and consensus forums.

Organization: MosaicLab

MosaicLab is a collaboration of practitioners specializing in facilitation and participatory processes working out of Victoria, Australia. MosaicLab has worked with governments, industry and communities on a range of participatory processes including participatory budgeting and online deliberation.

Organization: Straight Talk

Straight Talk is a communication and engagement consultancy based in New Souths Wales, Australia.
Update February 2015: the e-Deliberation platform has been retired; it failed to reach escape velocity. An e‑Deliberation™ event is a collaborative deliberation process mediated online. Participants work individually, in teams, and as a group to address or resolve the Focus of the event. The process is systematic and is consent-based...
Problems and Purpose Various federal departments and agencies of Canada funded the ChoiceWork Dialogue to learn more about their citizens’ expectations of governments, the private sector, and their communities. The goals that Canadian societies seek to achieve are detailed in a “social contract.” When leaders planned for post-war policies after...
This case study will focus on the issue of need for better outdoor recreation resources. Through a series of small group facilitated dialogues and listening sessions, organized and hosted by NH Listens, the state of New Hampshire's citizens were able to come together to collaborate and deliberate on what they...
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