GetVokl is a tool aiming to hold organized and organic conversations at mass. A host manages the conversation with up to three other guests on stage (on live video feed). The host has the ability to cycle through the guests they bring on stage. All the guests and the host...
Ordinary people in northern Uganda participate in informal settings on a daily basis, away from the gaze of those in power. Informal settings allow people to speak their minds with their friends and family, exploring the legitimacy, potential, and power of their concerns.
A kitchen table discussion or conversation is small group of people, meeting in their own community. It is generally informal with the hope that because people feel more relaxed and comfortable they may be more willing to engage in discussion and dialogue. Participants discuss and share issues related to a...

Organization: 21st Century Dialogue

21st Century Dialogue is an organisation based in Western Australia, specialising in community engagement. It is founded on principle of deliberative and participatory democracy and has developed its own methodology building on 21st century town meetings, community surveys and consensus forums.

Organization: Straight Talk

Straight Talk is a communication and engagement consultancy based in New Souths Wales, Australia.
Speed dialogue or 'speed dating' is a technique often employed during deliberative processes such as citizens' juries, or as an icebreaker activity with groups. It allows small groups or individuals to extract relevant information from witnesses or panelists without having to use a plenary/ Q&A style.
Zebralog is the leading agency for online and cross-media civic participation in Germany. As pioneer in the field of web-based dialogues, the company has sought to create and optimize cross-media communication between citizens and state for over ten years. Zebralog designs, organizes, implements, moderates, and evaluates a wide range of...
Three citizen panels were held to consult the public on research into GAMBA ("Gene Activated Matrix for Bone and Cartilage Regeneration on Arthritis") - an innovative treatment of osteoarthritis.

Organization: GovTogetherBC

GovTogetherBC is the hub for government engagement opportunities in British Columbia, Canada that require citizen participation - to listen, get informed and speak up. It supports the Canadian government in its objective to become more transparent and accessible.
A short slideshow of photos from NCDD events.
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