The following is a suggested structure. We recommend users follow these headings to make it easier to compare and analyze entries. Definition The prevision of public audiences in the Federal Supreme Court's (STF) field of action refers to the publication of Law No. 9,868, of 1999, being also referred to...

Case: E-Qual

E-Qual is a tool that enables Arizona citizens to submit electronic signatures for qualifying petitions and public financing eligibility.
The Democracy and Election Monitoring (Good Governance) Project aims to provide a forum for the citizens of Ogun State in Nigeria to express their political opinions, ensure free and fair elections, and hold elected leaders accountable for their campaign promises.
Problem Local and international communities heavily criticized the results of the 2002 general election of Pakistan and organizations as not only rigged, but also, unduly influenced by the military’s stronghold on public infrastructure and government. The Electoral Commission of Pakistan, as well as other watchdog not-for-profit and international organizations, usually...
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