Decide, Announce, Defend (DAD) is a top-down, minimally participatory method of public management.
Open Space Technology is a broad and deliberately vague method of collaborative discussion or problem solving. Organized around a specific problem or theme, OST events begin with no set agenda and instead unfold organically.

Method: Focus Group

Note: the following entry is a stub. Please help us complete it. Definition A focus group is a basic form of qualitiative research in which participants are asked about their opinions on a certain topic. This method is often used in marketing to garner feedback on a product before selling...
Creative planning is a deliberative technique often embedded within a larger participatory planning process. It's goal is to relieve participants of practical or analytical constraints so that brainstorming and idea generation can flow organically without worrying that one is straying too far 'outside the box'.
Local-to-Local Dialogues are used by Grassroots Organisations Operating Together in Sisterhood (GROOTS Kenya), to empower and giving a voice to marginalized demographics such as women.
An “indigenous management system” (IMS) is a collaborative and participatory form of environmental sustainability and conservation practice led by local indigenous groups and informed by local indigenous knowledge, customs, seasonal cycles, membership, and community deliberation. It involves the creation of an inclusive indigenous regulatory framework for environmental and food governance.
The Enquiry-by-Design method is used in urban renewal projects and involves a consensus building approach among a diverse array of participants. Citizens are involved from the very beginning of the project till the final stages and are assisted by a technical team, stakeholders and government officials.
Consensus forums are similar to consensus conferences but differ in the number of participants actively involved in the decision making process. The forum setting brings together a diverse range of citizens who work in small groups to develop common points of agreements around an issue.

Method: Idea Jam

An "idea jam" is a collaborative brainstorming activity or event, geared towards generating solutions in a fun and creative environment. Jams can be self or group-initiated or planned in advance and facilitated. The format of a jam is flexible to the problem space that is being addressed.
A demonstration is a type of protest.
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