Participatory democracy

The Lisbon City Council adopted Participatory Budgeting on July 9th, 2008. From 2008 to 2016 – 5,570 proposals were submitted, 1829 of them were selected and finally 31, 205,688.00 Euro was allocated to 105 projects. The program is ongoing.
Part of Europe's Local Democracy Week, the 1st annual Teenagers' Municipal Council brought students from five local high schools to debate multiculturalism and its impact on the city. Debate followed the format of a Municipal Council meeting using Robert's Rules of Order.
The Gadaa system is an indigenous egalitarian democratic system being practiced among the Oromo nation of East Africa for the last six hundred years. Among other structural elements of Gadaa system is its legislative body commonly known as Gadaa General Assembly. The assembly takes place under a sycamore tree -...
Participatory democracy among the Oromo is an endogenous custom. Gadaa General Assembly takes place once every eight years. The last assembly took place at Me´ee Bokko passed a decision on environmental protection. The assembly was marked with the power transfer to the incoming Gadaa party who will serve for the...
Kadıköy Municipality opened up its 2015-2019 Strategic Plan for discussion by the citizens and the people of relevance (experts, academics, professionals etc.) with a participatory process of management. The plan was developed through discussions and then approved by the municipal council on October 2, 2014. Throughout a period of about...
Aggora Ekklesia is an experimental approach aiming to support fundamental human needs within a process of political decision-making. It was trialled in a small village in the Czech Republic.
Author: (Vouli=Parliament in Greek) is a collaborative Internet project aimed at bridging the divide between citizens and Greek representatives. It of­fers Greek cit­i­zens the pos­si­bil­ity to ask pub­lic ques­tions to Greek MP’s and MEP’s, as well as well as crowd­sourc­ing cit­i­zen data for leg­is­la­tion.

Organization: My City Market

I launched My City Market on October 10th, 2014 as a new project (and initiative) dedicated to the promotion of locally-owned small businesses, entrepreneurship, innovation, technology and sustainable economic practices focused on the concepts of shared prosperity, fairness, and democracy in the workplace.
Communal councils were institutionalized by the Venezuelan government as part of an effort to decentralize decision-making to the local- and community-level. The Councils' are reflective of a wider program of increased popular participation and citizen consultation.
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