The Boston Green Links plan has asked for public input via email and community bike rides about where to build better infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists. This is part of a citywide shift towards a more community-inclusive planning process.
In 2015 the City of Melbourne embarked on a refresher of their 2008 plan, Future Melbourne. The original plan laid out a vision for the city and considered how it would meet future challenges. Throughout 2016, a large-scale engagement process was facilitated to help update the plan and ensure that...
Port Hedland is a town in the Pilbara region in the north-west of Western Australia. In the early 2000s, the town was experiencing exponential growth due to the resource extraction industry. This growth required planning for the future and the opportunity for Port Hedland to think about the design and...
Scarborough Beach is located in Perth, Western Australia. Development of the area around the beach had been a contentious issue for several years. Many proposals had been put forward and there was strong local opinion and lobbying around possible developments. In 2004 the Minister for planning and infrastructure wanted to...
Pis "Programmiamo Insieme la Salute" is a participatory project realized in Grosseto area. The aim of this project is to involve citizens in the construction of Piano Integrato di Salute, the document that plans healthy and social policies for the next four years in Tuscany.
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