Facebook Live is a free service from Facebook where individuals and organisations can share a live video broadcast with an audience. Viewers can interact with the broadcast through 'reacting' and commenting on it.

Method: Twitter Chat

A Twitter chat is a online conversation held on Twitter, focusing on a topic and linked together through the use of a specific hashtag which enables people to follow what is being said and join. Twitter chats have been utilised as a public engagement on tool on topics such as...

Method: Helios

Note: the following entry is a stub. You can help Participedia by adding to it. Definition Helios is an online platform for End to End Auditable Voting , where voters can verify that their vote has been both recorded and tallied accurately, without a third party ever being able to...

Method: Choicebook

Choicebook is an online survey tool used primarily by national governments to source public opinion on various policy issues. Each public consultation publicizes a dedicated Choicebook website. Participants are provided with background material on the policy issue and guided through a series of questions with fixed, multiple-choice response options. The...
Based on Arnold Mindell's Process Oriented Psychology, the Lewis Model of Deep Democracy is a five-step approach to working through conflict with individuals and groups.

Method: Mapping

Mapping involves the visual representation of the connection between location and personal details such as individual or community values, assets, history, and goals.
Community Score Card is a method of participatory evaluation and oversight of government services developed by CARE.
Adhocracy is an open source software tool modelled after the decentralized "Liquid Democracy" method of collaborative governance.
LiquidFeedback is an online proposition development and decision-making tool which seeks to operationalize the concept of 'liquid democracy'.
The Sustained Dialogue Campus Network is a networking tool developed by the International Institute for Sustained Dialogue to expand the use of dialogue and deliberation on university campuses.
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