Method: Deebase

Deebase is a content management system (CMS) aimed at supporting communities in fostering the exchange of ideas among their members, turning chaotic interactions into fully-fledged debates.
Ce que l’on mesure a une incidence sur ce que l’on fait; or, si nos mesures sont défectueuses, les décisions peuvent se révéler inadaptées. C’est ainsi en amont des politiques publiques, avec la volonté d’assurer une nouvelle démocratie plus inclusive, que la méthodologie SPIRAL, se situe.
Online consultations or e-consultations refer to an exchange between government and citizens using the Internet. They are one form of online deliberation.


A market system is built up out of election representation and coalition representation contracts. The political lead comes from the market equilibrium. The system allows for any-time voting and is supposed to offer radically better performance with political decision making.

Method: Deliberation

Definition The term deliberation describes a communicative process with the goal of finding solutions to given problems. Definitions of deliberation vary greatly from very open conceptions that basically include any kind of talk to conceptions that focus on a rational discourse and specific ways of expression. These different notions of...
Habitat Conservation Planning is a process in the United States allowing nonfederal parties to obtain permits for the incidental taking of threatened and endangered species. HCPs are prepared according to the Endangered Species act to calculate the anticipated ecological effects of the proposed permit.

Method: Echo

Echo is a joint Open Source project for active citizen participation - available worldwide and for all people. Its comprehensive approach is designed to address a core problem of our time: the political resignation and feelings of powerlessness of the individual.
Aireses is an online platform that promotes e-democracy by offering numerous organizational and methodological tools for communicating, collaborating, and participating in direct democracy.
Magic Roundtables are a deliberative technique used to encourage equal participation on one or more issues.
Definition Crowdsourcing is a phenomenon in which an organization calls upon both professionals and amateurs to help solve a problem, design a product, or analyze large amounts of data at a lower cost and often greater quality and speed than through conventional research and development methods. Although it is not...
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