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The Assembly met across two weekends to deliberate how Ireland should respond to the challenges and opportunities association with an ageing population. The Assembly agreed on 21 recommendations focusing on the state's duty to provide assistance in the form of long term care, independent living, income and pension provision, and...
The Assembly met across five weekends to deliberate the country’s 8th Constitutional Amendment which defends the right to life. The Assembly’s recommendations by majority vote were essentially to repeal or replace the amendment.

Method: Town Hall

Definition A Town Hall is a meeting where members of a community come to discuss relevant issues and concerns, with a public official, government representative or decision-maker of some sort [1] . Participants are able to ask questions of officials, and officials have the opportunity to learn about the community’s...
A Notice and Request for Public Comment is used to solicit public feedback on proposed laws or regulations. Public commenting periods are widely used in representative democracy as a way to increase transparency and citizens voice and agency in the legislative process.
Definition An expert advisory panel is a group of appointed experts selected to provide advice on a specific issue, particularly issues requiring technical knowledge and expertise such as scientific issues [1] . The members of the panel should be independent from government or decision-makers, and their advice is provided as...
Omaar, a grassroots youth group created in Zakazik, Egypt as a result of the Social Contract Centre’s civic education programs, engaged over 500 children, youth, and community members in leadership, soft skills training and collective actions to reduce poverty in the community.
Facebook Live is a free service from Facebook where individuals and organisations can share a live video broadcast with an audience. Viewers can interact with the broadcast through 'reacting' and commenting on it.
Roundtable Discussions are small group discussions where all participants are given equal opportunity to participate and express viewpoints. They can involve citizens, advocates and experts/professional, either together or separately.
Oggetto del processo è la condivisione di un patto di collaborazione (definizione di: obiettivi, criteri, azioni, strumenti, ruoli e responsabilità) per l’implementazione e lo sviluppo dell’Ecomuseo del paesaggio dell’Appennino faentino. Il progetto ha ottenuto i finanziamenti della Regione Emilia-Romagna per i processi partecipativi ma non si è svolto se non...
The Boston Green Links plan has asked for public input via email and community bike rides about where to build better infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists. This is part of a citywide shift towards a more community-inclusive planning process.
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