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These facts affect business and marketing in many ways. People did spend a lot of time watching movies and series on Netflix and other platforms but the user searches were beyond this.

People have been searching for a lot of things, including:

·         In America, people searched the most about toilet papers, hand sanitizers, and thermometers.

·         In India, people searched about pharmacies and immunity boosters.

·         Most of the searches had a prefix “the best”

·         News and information about the virus were prominently increased.

Now let’s interpret the data.

People searched for information and advice. For SEO experts India, this came as teaching that being an opportunist is the key to success. Further, it is important to ensure that you maintain your competitive edge all the time.

The trends also suggested that SEO optimization is a must for websites. The content on the websites must have the phrases and information that people have been searching for. The emphasis on keyword research must be at the highest.

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