PARTIMAP participatory map-based surveying tool

July 19, 2023 kiss.szandi.0

PARTIMAP is a free, easy to use and customizable map-based survey for those who believe that citizens should have a say in public development projects. It is free to use after registration, has customizable design features, and can be freely developed as an open source platform.

Problems and Purpose

When was the last time you were asked for your opinion on a development project that would impact your everyday life? Billions of euros are being used to renovate our urban spaces, public buildings and transport facilities. But public consultation and stakeholder involvement is often reduced to a formality. It is clear however that in order for a project to be successful, the needs and concerns of the people who use the new infrastructure on a daily basis must be taken into account alongside professional considerations. Participatory mapping is a process by which the invaluable knowledge of stakeholders is incorporated into community developments designed for their benefit. 

Influence, Outcomes, and Effects

Once a survey is completed, a new phase in the project cycle begins: evaluation. The responses received through the survey interface can be presented in graphs for quick communication: they can be set to display with a single setting, so that the respondents can directly browse the current results of the survey. Additionally, detailed analysis can be performed by downloading the complete dataset of responses in excel format. The report can then be processed with data management softwares using the submitted responses and geographical elements, so that the complexity and visual representation of the final results is dependent only on our data analysis and visualisation capabilities.

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