Participedia in the Classroom

Writing or editing articles for Participedia can be a great assignment for courses that deal with political participation, democratic innovation, or deliberation.

In the course of selecting, researching, and writing up a case, method, or organization, students will learn about the substance of participation in varied contexts. Students may also find it rewarding to have their work showcased on Participedia.

The following resources offer ideas on how to enhance course offerings about public participation:

Sample Assignment & Grading Rubric
How to Write a Participedia Entry

Teaching & Learning Resource Centre

Coming soon! Like cases, methods and organizations, anyone will be able to publish teaching and learning resources to share with the Participedia community.

Entries in the Teaching & Learning Resource Center will provide resources for undergraduate and graduate classroom settings, as well as professional development resources for practitioners, civil society organizations, and NGOs. Resources range from course syllabi and class assignments, to handbooks, simulations, and multi-media training material.

These resources can be used to:

  1. Increase students’ knowledge of innovations in participatory democracy;
  2. Improve students’ research and writing skills by publishing cases, methods, and organizations on Participedia;
  3. Focus on Participedia content and its connection to relevant theoretical material;
  4. Prepare students to be organizers and researchers of democratic innovations, and;
  5. Shape pedagogy and classroom culture to be more participatory.