Guide to Evaluating Participatory Processes

July 15, 2022 Nina Sartor
February 12, 2020 Alanna Scott, Participedia Team
June 15, 2018 Lucy J Parry, Participedia Team
November 5, 2014 holivan

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Problems and purpose

This Guide is intended to offer some practical guidance for anyone trying to conduct a planned and organised evaluation of the processes of citizen participation sponsored by a public administration

One of the basic principles of the citizen participation sponsored by administrations must be its capacity to adapt imaginatively to the circumstances of each issue and each territory. There are no magic recipes for running quality participatory processes. Quite the contrary, a good participatory process will be one that finds a way to fit into the specific conditions of the community in which it is conducted. 

Origins and Development

How it Works

Analysis and Lessons Learned

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