PWAN Court Observation Training

July 15, 2022 Nina Sartor
July 2, 2018 Lucy J Parry, Participedia Team

Problems and Purpose

Origins and Development

Participant Recruitment and Selection

How it Works: Process, Interaction, and Decision-Making

Desk review: A judicial expert conducted a review of the Nigerian Judicial system from 1999–2016 to serve as literature to inform the project (see PWAN, 2017a).

Training of observers: Citizen observers were trained on the Nigerian judicial system, observation methodology, court decorum, and etiquettes. They were assigned courts and three cases each to observe. Facilitators included magistrates, NBA members, and PWAN members. The training was an opportunity for observers to ask questions about what they were to be observing.

Court observation: This approach allowed for engagement and collaboration between the judiciary and the implementing organizations and relied on citizens’ active participation through daily visits to court rooms to gauge procedures and processes and to monitor cases.

Court users’ survey: This process produced an evidence-based report on happenings in the court rooms from the view of litigants, witnesses, victims, and lawyers. It served to balance observer reports.

Influence, Outcomes, and Effects

Analysis and Lessons Learned

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