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September 28, 2012 Henri Nathanson is a free online software tool designed for users to offer suggestions as well as deliberate and vote on proposals.

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Problems and Purpose is a free software service for group coordination and voting. The following information is taken from their website: "Anyone can start a group, invite members and democratically vote the group on the functionality offered. Voting is a serious information problem and the simple market organization offers a promising approach to solve this problem. It's very simple: in a group you can make suggestions and agree with proposals. The proposal with the most votes then continuously identifies the leadership of the group. Proposals may also support other proposals so that the proposal content can be negotiated" [1]

Origins and Development started as a research project in 2005. Research ended in May 2012 and the first prototypes went online in March 2011. 

How it Works

The system is useful for constituted groups only, which follow a certain aim, such as clubs or political parties.

The system builds up a full market system as is generally a stack of a many B2B markets above a primary B2C market. Proposals are not voted upon any more, but are offers for representation and are contracted. There are four major actions only: Create a proposal, vote for a proposal (voting contract/B2C), support a proposal with a proposal (coalition contract/B2B), the member with the proposal of the most votes can edit an outcome document.

Analysis and Lessons Learned

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