Open to All or Limited to Some?
Open to All



September 29, 2022 luca
Open to All or Limited to Some?
Open to All

The adhocracy+ project aims to make participation easier and more accessible for as many people as possible. With the freely usable participation platform adhocracy+, municipalities, organisations, institutions or companies can digitally involve people in decision-making processes. Digital citizen participation at the municipal level makes it possible to bring transparency to political decision-making processes, promotes stronger identification of citizens with their municipality and strengthens trust in democracy and politics. For the municipal administration, it also facilitates the documentation and evaluation of citizen participation processes. The online participation tool is already used by over 280 organisations.


The use of adhocracy+ is free of charge and possible without technical knowledge. The non-profit association Liquid Democracy e. V. finances the further development and operation from donations and optional additional services. The entire code of adhocracy+ is public and can be viewed, used and edited.


The first version of the open source software adhocracy was developed by Friedrich Lindenberg and Martin Storbeck from 2009 to 2011 for the online participation of organisations and institutions. Since 2009, the non-profit association Liquid Democracy e.V. has continued to develop the adhocracy software and has already released several versions of the software since then. In November 2019, adhocracy+ was launched as a self-hosted participation platform.

How it Works

Creating your own participation process via adhocracy+ is simple. It requires neither prior technical knowledge nor programming skills and is therefore easy to implement for everyone. The platform is available to organisations as a software-as-a-service (SaaS). After an email request, organisations receive their own area on adhocracy+ and a URL according to the model Alternatively, they can also receive an additional service: a web page with a URL. Alternatively, they can select a different URL as an additional service.

Influence, Outcomes, and Effects

The free online participation tool adhocracy+ enables all municipalities, regardless of their financial situation, to integrate citizens into decision-making. In this way, the participating municipalities strengthen people's trust in local administration, politics and democracy. The platform is also to be designed to be as barrier-free as possible in order to enable all people to participate.


  • Brainstorming (with Map)
  • Idea Challenge (with Map)
  • Text Review
  • Poll
  • Participatory Budgeting
  • Interactive Event
  • Prioritization
  • Debate Module

A detailed description of all available modules.

Use cases

Here you can find best practice examples.

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