Conservation of Flora and Fauna (COFF)

February 12, 2020 Alanna Scott, Participedia Team
January 5, 2014 fahimk

Mission and Purpose

Conservation of Flora and Fauna (COFF) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Pakistan registered under the Society Act 1860 and is among the pioneering platforms to have produced efficacious outcomes in preserving partridges. The organization has the aim to work for the conservation of eco-species with a sustainable approach. The organization is working for the promotion of natural resource management, wildlife, energy and environment. The organization is dedicated to conserving threatened species and ecosystems for sake of a happier and eco-friendly future. The organization identifies the key factors threatening biodiversity and based on effective techniques, develops innovative solutions to spread a sense of kinship toward our eco-partners aimed at hindering ecocide practices. The organization believes in universal equality of rights for transparent and ethical conduct. COFF’s major objectives are to deliver, for future generations, eco-friendly, long lasting and impactful results in the following sectors: • Human Rights and Environmental Ethics • Protection and Conservation of Ecosystem and Wildlife • Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Energy Systems • Safer breeding farms and parks for wild species • Awareness about protecting wildlife species and promulgating kinship with wildlife • Promotion of National Resource Management (NRM) • Poverty Alleviation and Community Development • Climate Change and Desertification • Disaster Management • Deployment of state-of-the art for breeding of wild species

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