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Airesis - Tecnologie Democratiche

June 11, 2015 tecnologiedemocratiche
February 22, 2014 tecnologiedemocratiche
General Issues
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Mission and purpose

In the political arena and by the citizen, the Internet is increasingly perceived as potential instrument for the democratic participation; however, few and undeveloped are the web platforms conceived to help parties and political movement to involve citizens in the preparation of programs and policy proposals.

The association "Tecnologie Democratiche" ("Democratic Technologies" ndr.) was created to satisfy this need, providing an enhanced tool to exploit the "collective intelligence", the skills and experiences of citizens, their creativity, their critical spirit, while ensuring at the same time democratic values in the various stages of the elaboration of a policy proposal.

Principles that guide us

  • Participation
    Directly Involve citizens to bring more energy and different points of view.
  • Transparency and Security
    Without transparency, the rules can be easily circumvented, it also means openness and ability to accommodate.
  • Constructive Dialogue
    With proper instruments, develop ideas simultaneously by more hands may result more productive than doing it yourself.
  • Equity
    Equity means effective equality of opportunity. Equity without any democracy is a bit 'oligarchy.
  • Flexibility
    Each group has its own needs, each proposal is different from the others, each user has its own demands.

Specializations and activities

Lo scopo dell'Associazione è:

a) promuovere strumenti e metodi organizzativi democratici, che favoriscano la partecipazione, la trasparenza e la valorizzazione dell’intelligenza collettiva.

b) promuovere la sostenibilità ambientale e sociale, anche attraverso l’innovazione tecnologica e la ricerca.

c) promuovere le tecnologie e la cultura open-source.

Major projects and events

The Airesis project

The Airesis project is borne in order to realize an open source tool capable to render the deliberations on the proposals published online, faster, shared and participated. It combines the best features of a social network with those of a decision-making tool:

Features and functions of Airesis

  • Facebook registration and integration
  • Managing groups, roles and permissions for subscribers
  • Events and participants management
  • Assisted proposal insertion
  • Quorum management for the vote of motions
  • Anonymous option during discussion
  • Schulze method in the creation of election and voting
  • Personal blog management



Key managers:

Marino Tilatti President of the Association Tecnologie Democratiche

Alessandro Rodi Head Developer

Jacopo Tolja Internationalisation Manager

Luca Zanellato Testing Manager

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