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In Control

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Mission and Purpose

In Control is an organisation helping people get real choice and control. They are supporting local authorities to deliver Self-Directed Support.

In Control is a social enterprise that was set up to transform the current social care system into a system of Self-Directed Support.

Their mission is now to create a new welfare system in which everyone is in control of their lives as full citizens.

In Control is a partnership working with different kinds of friends and allies – for example, citizen members, local authority and NHS members, providers, commercial organisations, sponsors and ambassadors.

They have over 120 local authority members (in July 2008) that are working to change their systems.

It was set up in 2003 and in 2007 it was established as a Company Limited by Guarantee. Soon it will be registered as a charity.


In Control was created in 2003 to reform the existing social care system in England and to define and develop the concept of Self-Directed Support.

Today In Control Partnerships is a social enterprise - a charity and an independent company – which works in partnership with citizens and government, and with charities and commercial companies.

Their mission is to help create a new welfare system in which everyone is in control of their lives as full citizens.

They operate as a social innovation network and uses three linked approaches to achieve its mission:

Connect - they create and sustain active membership networks for people to work together to find solutions to problems that frustrate citizenship.

Understand - they try to understand and measure the impact of the welfare system and new practices on the real outcomes that are valued by citizens; sharing information, analysis and intelligence across its networks.

Innovate - they develop and test new approaches to welfare reform, extending the boundaries of Self-Directed Support and promoting other reforms to enhance citizenship.

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