Citizens for Direct Democracy

December 21, 2011 Paul Nollen
August 27, 2010 Paul Nollen

Citizens for direct Democracy is the political task force of Democratie nu (not for profit)

Less than 1 on 5 Belgian citizens has still faith in politicians. Would you let such a team take care of your income and your family budget? Probably not... And yet, we give to politicians half of our income and leave them the responsability of our country!

Only a drastic change in our political system will solve this problem. The power must be given back to the citizen. We believe the solution is to introduce Direct Democracy in Belgium. Direct democracy is a system in which citizens vote on bills and propose laws, if they want to. So citizens do not depend on party dictatorship anymore. They decide by themselves!

In the future all voting will be handled via the eID system and the End to end auditable voting system "Helios"

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