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Who we are...

Artworks Creative Communities is a Bradford-based charity and social enterprise. Since 1998 we have delivered innovative projects that use creativity as a force for change. Working with professional artists and in partnership with organisations across all sectors, Artworks develop and deliver effective projects that use participation in the arts as a tool to inspire, connect & engage. Artworks has helped hundreds of groups and organisations address their needs through taking part in creative activities. We have expanded our reach by developing a social enterprise which offers our creative packages and services to businesses and organisations.


Artworks mission is to use creativity as a catalyst for change.


Artworks aim to be a leading organisation working in the field of participatory arts. As a respected provider we will demonstrate the valuable contribution that arts and creativity play in enriching people’s lives.


Artworks work collaboratively across sectors to achieve our mission, contributing towards the growth of a dynamic and robust arts and cultural sector. We are innovative and developmental in our use of creativity as a force for change.

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