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September 17, 2017 Paul Nollen
January 30, 2011 Paul Nollen

E2D International (E2D) is the political international of the E2D Party movement. The idea for the organization was started in 2011 but the formal founding of E2D International has not yet taken place.


The Project

To help create and promote parties with only one element in their program: Direct Democracy ("a form of democracy in which sovereignty is lodged in the assembly of all citizens who choose to participate").

The political agenda of the party will depend entirely on people’s decision, determined by means of referenda and initiatives organized by the party. These organized systems will thus allow citizens to vote on propositions of laws submitted by elected members of parliament, but also to propose new laws.

The main role of the party will be to organize referenda and initiatives:

  • Referenda will allow people to vote on new laws proposed by the parliament.
  • Initiatives will allow people to propose new laws by themselves. When a new law is proposed by a sufficiently large group of citizens then people are allowed to vote on it, like in referenda.

We plan to take full advantage of the extraordinary potential that internet can offer us with respect to democracy. Votes will be organized at least partly on a dedicated website with a fully secured voting system (ex. End_to_end_auditable_voting_system_"Helios"). Users will register by means of their electronic ID card or another registration method in order to validate their identity at the time of registration. Then they will have access to a database of laws proposed by the elected representatives or submitted by other citizens, accompanied by clear explanations. They will be allowed to participate in discussions on the forum and to vote on these laws, if they want to.

The results of these referenda will be published and will determine the party line, which will then guide our elected representatives.

The Mission

The mission for Electronic Direct Democracy (E2D) International is simply:

to help establish, to support and promote, and to maintain communication and co-operation between politically-neutral electronic direct democracy parties around the world.

An Electronic Direct Democracy (E2D) Manifesto (DRAFT)

The following are basic guiding principles to be implemented by political parties founded on the basis of Electronic Direct Democracy(EDD).

Signatory parties (2) of this manifesto will apply these principles to the best of their capacities and will try to help other member parties to reach the ultimate goal in their respective jurisdictions: Direct Democracy

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Signatory Parties

...and many more to come.

Convened Parties

Contact Information

E2D International can be reached by email at [email protected] and provides a Forum , a Facebook organisation page and a Facebook group

Official website:

Email: [email protected]

Forum: E2D International Forum

Wiki: E2D International Wiki

Facebook Page: E2D International Page

Facebook Group: E2D International Group


(1) Electronic Direct Democracy (EDD) is the strongest form of Direct Democracy, in which Citizens are involved in the legislative function.

(2) Party (the) is a political party, recognized by law, founded on the basic principles of Electronic Direct Democracy.

(3) Citizen is a member of society, recognized by law, entitled to vote in official elections of the Jurisdiction.

(4) Jurisdiction is the geographical area (National/Federal, Provincial/State, or Municipal/Local) to which authority of the Party applies.

(5) Member means a Citizen who is enrolled as a member of the Party.

(6) Representative means a Member who has been elected into Legislature.

(7) Issue is a proposed Bill under consideration by Members of the Party.

(8) Bill is a proposed law under consideration by a Legislature.

(9) Legislature is a deliberative assembly (e.g. Parliament, Congress, Council, etc.) with the power to pass, amend and repeal Laws.

(10) Note: In some states and countries, it is against the law to compel an elected representative to vote in a certain way. But it is possible to use the party discipline, as applied in all current political parties. In that case, if an elected representatives votes in disagreement with the Party agenda, a General Assembly of the members can be summoned with this event on the orders of the day. The General Assembly is the only legal body allowed to suspend or exclude a member of the party, or to dissolve the party. In some jurisdictions it is, for the moment, only possible to ask an elected representative to step down and make place for his/her successor.

E2D Party movement worldwide

All over the world, E2D parties have been started independently at local, regional and national levels, inspired by the collaborative force of the Internet to bring true direct democracy to the political arena and give power back to the People.


CountryNameRegistration statusMember of E2D InternationalElectedBelgiumCitizens for Direct DemocracyOfficially registeredYesNoCanadaOnline Party of Canada / Parti Enligne du CanadaActive but unregisteredYesNoItalyDemocratici DirettiNoNoNoSpainPartido de InternetOfficially registeredNoNoSwedenAktiv DemokratiActive but unregisteredYesNoDemoexOfficially registeredYesYesAustraliaSenator OnlineOfficially registeredYesNoNew ZealandDirect Democracy Party of New ZealandRegistration was cancelledNoNoRomaniaOnline Party of RomaniaActive and unregisteredYesNoSloveniaSvojpolitik.siActive and unregisteredYesNoHungaryParty of Internet DemocracyNoNoNoFinlandAktiividemokratiaNoNoNo


CountryNameRegistration statusMember of E2D InternationalBelgiumDemocratie.nuNoNoGermanyMehr DemokratieNoNoGreeceDimopolisNoNoIrelandDirect Democracy IrelandNoNoPolandDemokracja BezposredniaNoNoUnited States of AmericaDirect Democracy NowNoNo

References and resources:

Participatory democracy on Youtube

A lot of good videos about participatory democracy including participatory budgeting from

  • British Columbia Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform

  • Co-Governance in Belo Horizonte

  • Direct Democracy Now

  • Geraldton 2029 and Beyond

  • Hampton - Deliberative Governance

  • La Plata Multi-Channel Participatory Budgeting

  • Portsmouth Listens

  • Recife Participatory Budgeting

Electronic solutions for e-voting

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E2D International Partners

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