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Decide Together

September 17, 2017 Decider ensemble
September 2, 2011 Decider ensemble

Mission and Purpose

Décider ensemble is a French association whose objective is to "promote and develop a common culture of dialogue and consultation in terms of preparation and decision-making".


Décider ensemble was created in November 2005 at the initiative of Bertrand Pancher, former Advisor in charge of participatory democracy and public debate to the Minister of Ecology and Member of Parliament for the Meuse since 2007. Bertrand Pancher is the president of the 'association.

Organizational Structure and Funding

Pluralist association, Décider ensemble relies on three colleges of actors: public and semi-public companies, local communities, associations. It also benefits from the support of several French administrations.

Specializations and Activities

Deciding together starts from the observation that apart from the major institutionalized public debates instructed by the National Commission for Public Debate (local democracy law of 2002), consultation is still very embryonic in France. Public or private decision-makers are often helpless in the face of conflicts of use linked to social, environmental or health issues. They lack the tools and methods on which to rely so that their decisions are more legitimate and therefore better accepted. In response, the association formulates proposals for improving consultation tools and methods and offers an overall reflection on the modes of governance and consultation on social issues, in various fields. Deciding together wishes to: Create a requirement for consultation through collective awareness; Build a culture of decision-making by making elected officials, administrations, project owners, associations and other citizens work together; Disseminate and make accessible to all French and foreign experiences that have proven their worth; Train stakeholders in consultation.

Major Projects and Events

Deciding together is developing several areas of work:

  • Organization of scientific seminars

The “Deciding Together Meetings” provide scientific reflection on the impact of consultation and governance on land use planning, societal issues, industrial development and, more broadly, all decision-making processes. These meetings aim to go beyond the utilitarian and practical aspect to propose an in-depth reflection, a true "thought of concertation". Each seminar brings together a large panel of speakers, made up of specialists in governance issues and experts in the topic addressed as well as local or national elected representatives.

  • The organization of breakfasts for decision-makers

“Consultation breakfasts” focus on a specific theme or question and are based on practical consultation cases to identify proposals for improving decision-making processes (by invitation).

  • Carrying out studies

In May 2011 Décider ensemble published a study on French practices in project consultation, undertaken in 2009 with the support of ADEME and with the participation of the University of Technology of Compiègne. Carried out with private and public contracting authorities, companies and local communities, the Décider ensemble study brings out practices, methods and consultation tools relating to development projects, industrial projects or public policy projects.

  • Training services

These trainings are focused on the knowledge of the actors and partners of the consultation as well as the strategies, methods and tools of organization of the public debate. They are organized "à la carte" according to needs and based on the intervention of representatives of different structures: associations, companies, elected officials.