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We are a social movement made up of more than 30 groups, including political parties, unions, environmentalists, Official Associations, Neighborhood Associations, NGOs, etc. and citizens who individually participate and collaborate in the activities and debates that are promoted from the Mesa de la Ría.

This social movement has its maximum representation in the Assembly, this being the forum for organization, debate, communication and other activities that are adopted from its consensus.

The Mesa de la Ría Platform has the responsibility, granted by the 20,037 citizens who signed, for the Mesa to participate actively in the debates that take place in our city on "the gradual and progressive recovery of Avenida Francisco Montenegro" as it represents as a citizen .

The Mesa de la Ría Platform sets itself as a strategic objective the recovery of that space for the city, therefore, it is contrary to the installation of a Combined Cycle Power Plant on said avenue since this clearly contravenes the agreements made in the Table for the Recovery of Francisco Montenegro Avenue, known as the Decontamination Table, signed in 1991 by all institutions, political parties, unions, business organizations, etc.

From the Mesa de la Ría it is intended that, as the cycle of activity of the industries that currently settle on Francisco Montenegro avenue is exhausted, that territory is released for the city so that new industries are not consolidated again. this type in the surroundings of Huelva. That is why the establishment of a Combined Cycle power plant would once again mortgage the future of our city and its growth towards the estuary.


CSI-CSIF, Unitary Union, USO, USTEA, CO Architects, CO Biologists, CO Economists, CO Psychologists, CO Forest Technical Engineers, AAVV La Morana, AAVV Virgen de Belén, AAVV Santa Gema, AAVV Barrio San Sebastián, AAVV Amapola, AAVV Las Palmeras, AAVV Los Desniveles, AAVV Viaplana, AAVV Huerta Mena, IU, PA, PCPA, CCDH, Ecologists in Action, Ecologist Group of Huelva, Pro Human Rights Association of Andalusia, Utopia Verde Foundation, Odiel Radio, HIGIA, Student Association Progressives, SOLUA, APROMA, ADEH, Asociación Proyecto Dos Orillas.


1. Defend compliance with the 1991 Agreement, signed by social, political, business organizations and institutions for the recovery of Avda. Fco. Montenegro de Huelva, highlighting the determination not to allow the installation of new industries in the area and the need to recover in a progressive and gradual way that space for the city.

2. Fight with all the means at our disposal for the right to health and to live in a non-aggressive environment, both threatened by environmental pollution in the city of Huelva.

3. Promote the creation and development of leisure, cultural and nature projects on Avda. Fco. Montenegro de Huelva, in the face of possible housing plans that could be proposed for this area.

4. Promote the consensual search for alternatives to industrial activity in Avda. Fco. Montenegro de Huelva, so that at the end of the life cycle of these industries the area is regenerated, giving it a respectful use of health and the environment, at the same time that it generates wealth and employment for the people of Huelva.

5. Publicly denounce the installation of ENDESA's new thermal power plant in Punta del Sebo in Huelva and take the appropriate measures to make it disappear, since it violates the PGOU currently in force and the 1991 agreements.

6. Demand the Huelva City Council to call a referendum to democratically define the future of Avda. Fco. Montenegro de Huelva, based on the will of the 20,000 signatures of Huelva who expressed it.


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In the Ordinary General Assembly of the Mesa de la Ría held on November 5, 2007, the creation and implementation of various support groups was approved, which will be provided with the Internet resources necessary for the telematic coordination of their jobs. The coordination of these groups with each other, with the Permanent Commission and with the Assembly, will be carried out through people who attend the face-to-face meetings and are subscribed to the corresponding mailing lists of said groups. The objective is to facilitate the contribution of all those people who could make important contributions to the Mesa de la Ría, but cannot attend face-to-face meetings. Some groups will be permanent, while others will only need to be activated at specific times.

Currently, the creation of the following support groups has been approved: Internet, Graphic Design, Audiovisual, Law, Health, Environment and Organization of recreational and cultural activities. If you want to enroll in any of them, you just have to fill in and send this web questionnaire. We will subscribe you to our news and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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