Awami Workers Party

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Awami Workers Party is a political party in Pakistan with a socialist orientation.

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Mission and Purpose

With a socialist orientation, the party demands the following:

1)State takes primary responsibility for organizing and planning the country’s economy, 2) The military and other major industries, be placed under the control of the democratic state, as a nationalized agency

3) Resist imperialist aggression against Pakistanis (drone strikes, MNCs, austerity measures imposed by the IMF and World Bank)

4) Immediate end to the privatization policy

5) Recognition of workers’ rights to form trade unions and democratization of the work place with improved work conditions

6) Implementation of radical land reforms and redistribution of land among the peasantry to contest power of feudal families

7) Liberation of women

8) Expose religious fanaticism and use public awareness to combat it

9) Demand representation and recognition of Pakistan’s multinational community in the federal system based on a right to self-determination for all nations

10) Replace existing, oppressive state institutions with democratic infrastructure that is responsive to needs of the population

Its campaigns include electoral reforms, Kachi Abadis and housing struggles, land reforms, contest uneven development, water reform, religious tolerance, women’s empowerment, debt cancellation and reduction in military expenditure.

The party’s vice-president, Baba Jan, is currently serving a life time prison sentence for participating in riots related to the 2010 Attabad landslide in which he organized the local displaced population to demand the government to provide disaster relief and support.

Origins and Development 

Awami Workers’ Party is a political party of the working people which aims to bring together the struggles of workers, peasants, students, women and other marginalized communities in the democratic claims-making process. The party is a coalition of the major leftist organizations in Pakistan, Awami Party, Labour Party and Workers Party in November 2012. Its first Congress was held on Sept 27, 2012. It aims to always work towards becoming a genuine, progressive and socialist political alternative to the material and ideological status-quo in Pakistan. Its current leader is Abid Hasan Minto.The Awami Party’s activities range from from hosting forums on honour killings, land-grabbing etc., to conducting surveys and petitions to help with court cases for accessible housing, to organizing mass demonstrations.

Organizational Structure, Membership, and Funding

Funding for the party is through donors, sponsors and party funds.

Specializations, Methods and Tools

Major Projects and Events

Analysis and Lessons Learned


The Party is also a major sponsor, and involved in the publishing of Awami Jamhooriat, the first socialist paper of Pakistan, founded in 1968.

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