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Plataforma de Integración Ciudadana

Plataforma de Integración Ciudadana (PIC), is a non-profit organization oriented towards the cause of the integration of citizenship as a political body with voice, rights and capacities for the management of the common good.

Mission and Purpose

PIC has specialized in the development and in the application of participatory proposal methodologies and decision making to facilitate improvement processes in communities and, through digital tools such as ÁgoraPIC, citizen participation and advocacy in public life at the national level.

As it is well defined in the Manifesto of our NGO, our values are: the community, the territory, the capacity to listen, a balanced development model, quality of life, plurality of identities, sustainability, political innovation, common good, transparency, accessibility, participation and new paradigm.

It is with these values and with the experience accumulated in the years 4 years of facilitation and activities with communities and representation of civil society in governmental instances, that we propose a space for dialogue that responds to needs that so far have not been met, in the best of cases, or do not have the means to express themselves.

Encouraging spaces for discussion and access to popular, open and free tools for reporting, information and communication can help people to empower themselves and promote the exercise of citizenship from and to their territories as well as political spaces at the national and international levels. This process also benefits the compilation of new information on the reality of the country.

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