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April 24, 2020 Jaskiran Gakhal, Participedia Team
April 21, 2020 Julien Ineichen

En commun is a non-profit association which constitutes a center of shared skills bringing together women and men experienced in activating the involvement of citizens in the creation of their environment.

Mission and purpose

In common is a non-profit association whose objective is to implement and promote the principles of common goods and common management in the areas of territory, social, ecology and economy, in starting with its own functioning.

Origins and development

Since 2017, En Commun has been carrying out participatory and mediating approaches in the area of spatial planning and housing; it supports and facilitates citizen initiatives, and encourages civic engagement.

Organizational structure, membership and funding

En Commun is a center of shared skills bringing together experienced specialists serving citizens, public authorities and the social and solidarity economy.

Specializations, methods and tools

In common is developing mechanisms to integrate citizen expertise into Parallel Study Mandates (MEP). An MEP is one of the procedures for tendering architectural and town planning projects regulated by the standards (SIA 142 and SIA 143) of the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects.

The MEP + C aims to achieve 3 objectives :

  1. Mobilize a citizen group of around 40 people that is as diverse as possible
  2. Allow these citizens to contribute, in a project position, to supply the design teams with their citizen expertise
  3. Guarantee that representatives of the citizens' group take part in decisions relating to the choice of projects selected

Major projects and events

Place du Marché , Vevey 2017-18;

Place Perdtemps , Nyon 2018-19;

Place de La Coudre , Neuchâtel 2019-20

Analysis and lessons learned

The 3 main results of the MEP + C :

  1. A project that responds to citizens' concerns
  2. A winning team capable of collaborating with citizens
  3. About forty citizens, ambassadors of the project to their respective networks


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