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Collaborative governance. Empowered citizens. Better societies. Creating inclusive communities through collaborative decision making. Civocracy provides local governments with tools and knowledge that allow them to create societies that represent the people who live in them.

Mission and Purpose

Our vision

Harnessing the power of collaboration to solve society’s most pressing challenges.

Our mission

Civocracy’s mission is to create a more inclusive world by implementing collaborative governance and providing a voice to all through digital citizen participation. 

Our values


Being open is a show of trust, and handing trust to others empowers them to become more motivated to engage with, and participate in all areas of their lives.


In order to shape better communities, people from a mix of backgrounds must be involved in making everyday political and social decisions.


Creating somewhere where everyone can feel safe, listened to and supported demands respect; everyone is accountable for their own actions.


To ensure inclusive participation happens, the processes of doing so must be universally accessible and easy to understand.

Origins and Development

Civocracy was founded in 2015 when Benjamin Snow, Chloé Pahud and Nicolas Reynolds saw the potential of technology and community for transforming the political sphere. The team is based in Berlin, and are working on becoming the global platform for constructive debate, collaboration and decision making.

Organizational Structure, Membership, and Funding

Civocracy is a civic tech start-up, a company that offers services and a platform to paying customers, which include (local) governments such as municipalities, regions, provinces, ministries, and other organisations that want to work together with their constituency, stakeholders and members.

Specializations, Methods and Tools

Our civic-participation platform and advisory services ensure government are equipped with the means to constructively collaborate with their citizens, and guarantees that people’s voices are heard. This enables them to co-create policy and projects that are implemented in communities to make society better.

Major Projects and Events

Civocracy is active in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain and has several projects with international organisations.

Analysis and Lessons Learned


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