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ifok is a leading German strategy and communication consultancy that develops and implements measures for citizen participation and sustainable development. With its involvement in several nation-wide Citizen Assemblies, ifok has become a major player in deliberative democracy.

Mission and Purpose

ifok is supporting clients from the public sector, business and civil society in shaping change processes. To this end, ifok offers analyses, strategic consulting, public relations and a wide range of dialogue and communication processes. Digitalisation, energy transition, new mobility – ifok shapes complex transformations considering all stages, from strategy to implementation. The ifok approach: technical expertise and methodological competence for dialogue, cooperation and mediation are combined with the professional standards of an international strategy consultancy. ifok's main tools are dialogue and communication, technical expertise and neutral moderation, networks and change management, stakeholder and citizen participation, public relations and campaigns, digital communication and e-participation, event management as well as office and project management.

Sustainability is ifok’s core value. The company is certified as climate-neutral and fully offsets the emissions of its business activities through the climate protection project "Clean Cookstoves" in Rwanda. ifok also attaches great importance to diversity and gender equality as well as to a healthy work-life balance and the compatibility of family and career. When procuring and commissioning services, ifok gives preference to companies and service providers that are committed to sustainability and have regional roots. ifok acitvely promotes the achievement of the global Sustainable Development Goals, is member of the Global Compact (UN) and signatory of the Diversity Charter.

Origins and Development

In 1995, ifok founder and pioneer Dr. Hans-Peter Meister trod new ground with his idea of dialogue and participation processes in Germany. Since then, ifok has become one of Germany's leading strategy and communications consultancies, while always keeping it focus on how to engage citizens and stakeholders. Around 200 employees work in Bensheim, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Munich and Brussels for clients in Germany, Europe and worldwide. ifok is part of the international Cadmus Group with a total of around 700 employees based in 20 locations in Europe, the United States and Asia.

Major Projects and Events

ifok is one of Germany's leading developer, organizer and implementer of randomly selected Citizen Assemblies at the regional, national and European level. It entails that ifok is involved in all stages of deliberative democratic processes, starting from the design and recruitment (random selection) to the deliberation and output/impact phases.

Among ifok's major projects are the following:


Make Random Selection Part of Political Practice

Strengthening Europe Through Meaningful Participation - A Contribution to the Debate on the Conference on the Future of Europe

High hopes, low expectations – Brussels’ perspective on the future of Europe after COVID-19

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