Member Since 2018

Jagat Basnet is a social activist, researcher and founder member of Community Self-Reliance Centre (CSRC), Nepal, a non-violent social movement based organization. He has been facilitating the land and agrarian rights movement since 1994 through the establishment/promotion of peasants’ organization. Currently, he is the doctoral candidate in Sociology at Rhodes University, South Africa. His doctoral thesis is on de-peasantization process in Nepal. In recognition of his innovative work for the landless and tenant families of Nepal, Mr. Basnet has been awarded with the prestigious Maja Koene Social Activist Award in 2006 from India (CECI); the Ashoka Fellowship Award in 2007; Annual Human Rights Prize 2009 by Leitner Centre for International Law and Justice, USA; and, the “Farmer Voice Award 2010” by the UK-based Agriculture Learning & Impacts Network (ALINe). He is the co-editor of the book entitled ‘Land Conflict and Politics in Nepal: Realities and Potential for Agrarian Transformation’ and he has contributed a number of chapters in the edited volumes of books on land and agrarian reform and non-violent social movements. In addition, he has also contributed a number of articles in professional journals in the domain of land and agrarian studies.