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European Awareness Scenario Workshop Initiative

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The European Awareness Scenario Workshop was a European Commission initiative used to examine innovative projects in the European context.

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Problems and Purpose

The European Awareness Scenario Workshop (EASW) Initiative was launched by the European Commission DG XIII D in 1994 as a pilot action to explore new possible actions and social experiments for the promotion of a social environment favoring innovation in Europe. The initiative focused on two particular fields of action which, in the opinion of experts, should benefit the most from the introduction of the European dimension:

  •  Assessing the transferability of best practices between different cultural and political contexts, including identification of conditions for success. 
  •  Identification and further development of instruments and tools to support the know-how transfer processes. 

Background History and Context

Organizing, Supporting, and Funding Entities

This project was initiated by the European Commission.

Participant Recruitment and Selection 

Methods and Tools Used 

What Went On: Process, Interaction, and Participation

Influence, Outcomes, and Effects 

Analysis and Lessons Learned 

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